This is not a new years resolution post, as I really don't like those nor do I like making big dramatic announcements, but I have to start some where and this is my documentation.

In my former life, I had a job that required physical fitness, thus running wasn’t just about keeping in shape, but a requirement.  Running became more like the work that it was.  My ability to run long and slow had to be morphed into the ability to run faster per mile on a shorter course, which isn’t optimal for my body type but very doable.  I did it.  After doing that style of running for a long time, when I retired, I stopped running, completely.  I did join a CrossFit gym for a few months, but I was trying to lift too much/too fast and hurt myself to the point I had to stop lifting.  I stopped lifting completely.  I convinced myself that all the boat work I was doing (and still do) was enough to keep me in shape and I didn’t need to run.  This is partially true.  But there’s a lot that I’m missing and it’s taken me five years to realize it.  I had to stop running completely to realize that I miss running.

So this isn’t a new years resolution cause I hate them.  This is a starting point.  I think running and my own running goals and milestones has been missing.  So, it’s simply time to start again.  I’m starting slow.

On the 26th of December 2022 I put on my running shoes again after not wearing them for three years straight.  I have not been on a run in three years.  But I needed to start somewhere.  So I laced them back up and the HelmsMistress took me out for my first run in nearly five years.  We ran/walked the one mile jungle loop trail here near the boat.  It was invigorating and intimidating all at once.  I was finally out running/walking again on my own, by my own volition, because I wanted to do it.  So I laced up my shoes, put one foot in front of the other and ran/walked an entire mile.  I’ll continue to build on that small foundation.

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  1. That sounds like a great idea! I spent some time last week fighting against the never ending boat project list while the family stayed home. Because I could, I took my bicycle with me and whenever I got tired of cleaning, or improving or generally being an adult off we went for a ride somewhere I had not been before. Quite a lot of memories drifted back and I remembered how much I enjoyed the simple act of pushing my lungs and legs past where they feel comfortable. Like you I don’t really do resolutions, but I did tell myself that I am going to ride my bicycle this year. I set no particular goal or standard for how many miles per week or whatever, just that I was going to do it for my physical and mental health. Good luck getting back in the groove. I have absolute confidence that you can achieve your goals!

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