We put Quincy in the kennel since we thought we would have our engine fixed and perform a sea-trial, but three weeks later we were still waiting on mechanics. We missed our Q-Dog, so we brought her back from the kennel-

A month or so ago, we put Quincy Dane (our 130 pound Great Dane) into a kennel in Panama City to allow the mechanics better access to our sailboat and hopefully get our engine work done faster.  After three weeks waiting on mechanics/parts, we decided to pull Quincy back out of the kennel and bring her back with us, as we missed her slobbery Great Daneness.  We think she’s happy to be home, although we know she’ll go back to the kennel soon enough.  We’ll put her back in the kennel the second parts and mechanics arrive to start work. 

Quincy Dane on her ride home in Mr. Rogelio’s van. She loves riding in cars.
When Quincy came home, princessa cat was quick to let us know she wasn’t really happy about getting knocked off her throne.
But soon she realized that Quincy would not hurt her and mainly just ignored her, so she had to go play with Quincy’s foot & tail.
Soon, life was back to normal. Quincy and Kitty back together.

We’re pretty forward looking peeps, so we’re continuing to be focused on our next adventures.  As we wait, we continue to work on the boat; updating and improving her as we go.  Heck, by the time we’re done with the engine, most of it will be completely certified by equipment labs here in Panama in writing and we have a brand new squeaky clean exhaust system from Vetus already installed.   

Have a great weekend, check us out tomorrow as we discuss the perfect chimichurri steak hot off the Big Green Egg!

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