Quincy the Great Dane and Sailing Kitty took a last long look at the boat, before they had to go separate ways…off the boat. Quincy Dane has gone to her luxury spa kennel in Panama City and Sailing Kitty has gone with us. We took the animals off the boat to speed up the engine work and our packing process…it’s worked well.

With my birthday a few days ago, all I wanted was the mechanics and parts to show up. Not only did they show up….but they had our “seized” engine pistons turning in less than 45 minutes and as of this writing, more than half the engine is back together. One of the best birthday presents ever…I think. It means a lot to be getting Tulums engine back together, as we’ve been waiting on this for nearly four months.

No pictures and not lots of blog brilliance cause the marina is very full and I could not get internet to run on my computer. But I’m hoping my phone will do the trick this time, as I’m on the boat assisting the mechanics in any way possible. When the engine is running, both the mechanics and I will give Tulum a very thorough engine break-in and mini sea-trial on the dock. There are high trade winds through the next week and more, so we’re watching weather carefully for any calm weather in which we can get Tulum out of the slip and let her run.

Hope you have a great weekend-

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