Post supposed to be written two weeks ago in Tampa, but written in Texas instead….cause I finally have time and wifi: Ok, I’ve messed around long enough with too many excuses for not writing this initial post, but it will be a quick as I’m on borrowed time and wifi: 

We sold Tulum and bought a big green bus.

Yes, you have read this correctly.  About two weeks ago we flew from Panama to Tampa, Fl and bought a big green bus and we’ve moved  onboard.  Once we owned it and had practiced driving, we took it to Miami where we met Quincy Dane on her flight in from Panama and grabbed our stuff once it cleared customs off the ship it came in on.  Then, we took off to drive cross country.  But those are stories for the future.  Right now, we’re going cross country to register the bus in California, fix it up and access our determination to drive the Alaskan-Canadian Highway (Alcan) to see Alaska.  We’ll see if that materializes or if we find decent jobs in California and grow roots.  

Whatever happens, we’ve already taken steps to continue the work that our friend Casey started on the bus and just make it better and better. 

So, we’re Skoolies now! 

We’re traveling cross country in a big green school bus with mostly everything we own (from our cruising sailboat), our sailing kitty, Great Dane and two kids.  We’re learning all about Hipcamp, bus/RV discrimination and the vastness of our own country.  Stick with us…FOLLOW THE WEBSITE as we continue to travel. 

Look, even the HelmsMistress learned to drive the bus at a rudimentary level.







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