Couch to Ultra....NOT recommended

Reading about ultramarathon training bit by bit, I see multiple times that no one recommends going from couch hero to actually doing an ultramarathon.  Normally, you progress from marathon distance to the longer distance ultramarathon as a natural progression.  Not many folks talk about just starting to train for a 50 mile run from scratch….at least none of the blogs or books I’m reading talk about it.   

Hmm, that’s a problem for me because I’ve never run a marathon nor did I ever want to run a marathon.  I’ve certainly not been in the training pipeline for a marathon and most of what I did focus on (when I ran consistently) was weight loss and 5k distance.  Then we left for nearly four years to go sailing….not a lot of running went on.  We kept in good shape by living simpler…avoiding fast food, drinking lots of water, getting lots of exercise but just not running.

So, I’m running again.  I’m falling in love with it again because I’m running for me and not for my job.  I’m having fun because I don’t feel judged (I’m hard enough on myself) and as I go along and make mistakes or miss workouts it doesn’t affect how I’m percieved professionally.  Right now my job is travel, family and eventually working on the house we have in escrow…..while still finding (making) time for key runs and workouts.  Trail running and uphill training….love it.  Love that I can take the family with me to the nearest (steep) trail and set off at a walking pace, knowing that I’ll walk uphills during ultramarathon so I can totally justify the hike with family….they don’t care that it’s training for me…they love the wildflowers! 

So, yeah I’m out running toward an end goal but just want to do the work…so I can finish the run. 

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