I DNF'd my first ultramarathon. So after a few weeks, I've gotten up again, dusted myself off and started training again.

A few weeks after my DNF at my first Ultramarathon, I’ve evaluated what went wrong, tried to think through fixing those things and figured out that that more routine training will greatly benefit my chances of finishing.  So I’ve started training again from baseline, with about 22 weeks until another target ultramarathon, which will probably be Leona Divide 2024 at Lake Hughes.  Legends like Krissy Moehl and Scott Jurek have done this race, so I’ve excited to try to even get an entry into it.

I’ve started with my first round of hill training, doing time on feet up and down the steep terrain into 49 Palms Canyon (Joshua Tree) and generally easing into what will become regular training.  There’s no way to get enough time on feet to finish longer distance runs, so I’ve gotta start somewhere.

I also signed up for my first burro race (Run With The Burros).  This means me and my ass will race at the same time (together).  But since I have absolutely no experience with this kind of race, I’m determined to do it right by starting with a 10 mile distance in early April, using it as a training run for Leona Divide.

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  1. You can do it!
    My husband Steve, age 68, just completed 2 back to back Camino thru France (Chamin San Jacque) and thru Spain (Camino Frances). Total 980 miles over 63 days! We were gone from our home in Carlsbad for 85 days! Training in various hills and terrain here in Carlsbad sure helped! That was his 3rd Camino (we just got home a week ago) and he plans on doing more!
    Train Train Train
    Mary Medina (Shipmate of Michelle)

    1. Mary, thank you thank you for reading and the motivating comments. Michelle says “hi” and tells me how much you guys rock! Ask your husband if he wants to come do the Leona Divide 50k (or longer for him) in April. Thanks again for reading!

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