If you’re anything like me, I don’t look backward in life much, although my family does with regular updates.  I love to dream about what’s ahead in life, how to get there and what needs to be done to eventually cast off the dock lines.  I’m working on my backwards planning from eventual cast-off to now, with the million details that should be done against the ones that must be done.  Important things like retirement, selling the house, bringing the credit cards to Zero or lower balances and getting the boat set are things that my Type-A personality embraces, as it gives me goals and milestones along the path as we move nearer to cruising as a family.

Funny, because on Friday afternoon we sat down with our tax advisor, doing our 2015 Tax Returns.  It was funny to listen to him talk to us about what effects retirement had on some of his clients and him and how we would need to look out of those effects.  He took the time to mention that most people retiring missed their jobs, often had no direction and didn’t properly plan for the actual retirement, with no goals or things going on to fill their lives.  Wow, I can’t wait to retire and get the heck out of here with my family on the boat,,,whether it’s two, four or fifteen years, we’ll still be able to experience life while we’re young enough to keep up with our kids.

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