Better Camera =’s Better Blog Photos,,,right?   After seeing some really great pictures on other blogs and looking at a few of my own, I decided to find a better camera.   So I’ve decided to use my wife’s camera, hoping for some better pics on the blog soon.

Followers on this blog are signing up slowly but surely as more and more of you find us and decide to stick with us.  Roberta Pimentel reminded us that blogging takes awhile; and it must be fate as I heard Jimmy Buffett say he once sang to an audience of seven people when he was starting out.  I write about sailing, cruising, PTSD and adventure travel, but as I look at different blogs on the same subjects; I’ve noticed a trend.  Many blogs I’ve looked at start with the “boat trip” and end once the trip is over,,,,like all their excitement is over?   I’m pretty pleased to be able to start this blog and get to know all of you before we start our sailing adventure (several years before we leave); but I’m authentic as we do have a boat,,,and I’ll write and do a YouTube channel while we’re out and about.  Once we get back, I’ll still love sailing and want to write about it, but from a different perspective.

Next up: We’ll continue my series on Selling Tulum, Captain License and I’ll start a new series about authentic old world Pirate Experiences (which won’t be what you think, as it’s all real!) 

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