Check out this photo essay of a Mikelson 57 Sportfisher getting taken out of a very small slip area by a Captain with "Balls of Steel".

Check out these photos of a huge Mikelson 57 Luxury Sportfisher getting taken out of a very small slip area,,,,,backwards,,,,by a Captain with “Balls of Steel”.

Getting a Mikelson 57 Luxury Sportfisher off the dock with bow and stern thrusters,,,by one Captain on the second level.
Stopping the stern from hitting the boats behind him and getting the bow back around to the right of the picture, so he can come out stern first.
Coming backwards past the Aleutian 51 we were there to look at. This stole the show for a few minutes.
Still stern first and needing to get the bow turned.
Getting her stopped so the Captain can bring the bow around to the left of the picture.

Captain, if you read this, you have big balls of steel.  This was an impressive maneuver to watch from the dock,,,,,and we watched the Captain do this 3 different times with 3 different groups of “well-heeled” folks,,,,obviously some sort of Mikelson Open House.  No wonder,,,,,since the Mikelson office is right beside Yachtfinders and Windseakers.

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