2 Personal Achievements before my birthday.

I achieved two major goals of mine before my birthday this year:

I’ve earned my USCG Captain’s License-

and,,,both me and my wife signed up for the old 1/2 Ironman Vineman which is now 1/2 Ironman Santa Rosa.  Just because we signed up doesn’t mean we’re going to be Ironman stud winners, but it’s a heathy step toward both of us being obstinate enough not to blow it off,,,,,or the training for it.

I’m feeling better but not cured.  My new computer is up and running so I’m working to get back to being a good blogger with consistent posts and all that great stuff.  If you like us, please consider following us.

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    1. Life comes at us all. Right now we’re swamped with stuff going on, living separate with me having the kids, trying to buy a boat with complications, losing my eardrums and some hearing. You’re not the only one who’s a bit slow with all this, but I don’t have 55,000 followers to feed. I wonder if that’s a burden sometimes, their expectations?

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