Yep, two boats in one weekend, what are we thinking?

First, Happy Presidents Day.  This holiday used to have more significance than just some time off for folks; and I respect what the great Presidents associated with this holiday actually did.  We however,,,,,bought two boats this weekend……….

We closed on Tulum V on Friday and bought another boat on Saturday,,,,,a new dinghy because the former owner of Tulum decided to take the dinghy and engine,,,,leaving us to purchase the boat with no dinghy.  So, I had to take hot wife for her first visit to the Dinghy Doctor, located right behind a prominent San Diego strip joint and across the street from Modern Times microbrewery.  We looked at very expensive year-old models of dinghy’s, but found a nice used one for 50% less than the others, that we decided to buy on the spot.  It’s a nice 11 foot rib, our second boat of the weekend.  With your dinghy as your car and taxi off your boat, it’s essential that we have a quality dinghy for us,,,,the kids,,,and the Great Dane.

To celebrate, we grabbed a pint at Modern Times and marveled at the things we missed before.

The bar from our cushy seats on the side wall.
The awesome tumbleweed chandeliers
Appropriate signs in the women’s bathroom
Right wall art made from post-it notes
Left wall art made from comic book pages

Tomorrow, I’ll take you on another rant,,,,about what NOT to leave on your boat AFTER you sell her.   Bet you won’t be able to resist taking a look at my photo essay for this one.

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