Ever seen a giant blob turned into a Great Dane's Bed? More important, ever seen how upset a Great Dane gets when you take it away? Read on-

The “blob” as it officially became known around our house was in fact a giant red beanbag,  designed to be a comfy piece of furniture that would support multiple people for tv watching and started life officially known as a Zeppelin Couch.  

In our previous house with our two last Great Danes, they were not allowed on the blob at all, but as Quincy grew up in this house,,,she took it over as a bed.  She’s used it the last 5 years we’ve been in this house, but we’re now moving toward the family on a sailboat,,,,so we’re starting the downsize.

Here’s Quincy sensing that perhaps the day has come when life will start to change:

Quincy knows that something is happening, her world is about to change.

The blog with no cover. After taking out 5 bags of stuffing, we decided there had to be a better way. Mind you,,,,it’s twice as large as the doorway.
After a wrestling match with the blob, we put it through the bedroom door, down the hallway and finally through the double doors.
We rolled the blog directly from the double doors, onto the porch and right into the back of Grandpa’s truck, to officially start our downsize.

So, with the purposeful disposal of the blog, we’ve officially started our downsize and are happy to be moving onto a more simple life.  I was started down a path toward another job in a management position with Amazon but realized I would have to commute two hours either way to get to the job from our boat.  After thinking through it and moving through the interview process, I took myself out of contention for the job, knowing I want to spend more time with the family after I retire and that our boat trip to important to me.  I think both the purposeful disposal of the blob and taking myself out of contention for Amazon have cemented our family direction,,,,,we’re going cruising.


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  1. I remember a horror movie of that name! 1950’s or 60’s I think. Poor Quincy, I know how much Vinny loves his bed. She will find a new spot on the boat that no one can occupy but her.

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