If you leave a Great Dane alone in a house; be very very careful what you leave laying around. They DON'T like being left alone.

Be warned…this post has some broken stuff in it.

Ever left a Great Dane alone in a house after baking cookies all day long?  

Quincy says “Gingerbread houses are great to eat…but my tummy feels funny”

First clue that something have gone wrong…what might be all those crumbs?
The girls spent HOURS decorating these large gingerbread houses with LOTS of sweets,,,,this is all that was left.

I say “DAMN” and know that a 4am poop walk is coming my way!  Wisdom told me to ensure hotwife had put all the cookies and food away before we left the Great Dane alone in the house…but we forgot about the two Gingerbread houses…so they got destroyed and eaten.

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  1. Ha, I’m sorry to be laughing. It’s just I am all too familiar with this scenario. Take your investigation further, and in your photo, you can see where Quincy either dropped or placed the gingerbread house on the rug before picking it up again.
    Aren’t Dogs are a hoot.
    Anyhoo, one day I left four sticks of butter on the counter so they come to room temperature before I use them. I pushed them back against the wall before I left for a few errands. She did not miss the opportunity and like a ninja, my Shepard Lab mix leaped onto the counter, ate the two pounds of butter, leaving just the wrappers, and left the counter w/o a trace that a dog was ever there. I wouldn’t have believed she ate the butter but her belly was so distended and she didn’t move from her side for hours. It’s times like that I wish I was a fly on the wall to see how she executed her plan.
    Thanks for the share,

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