From Teagan, writing on board Tulum 5:

H-E-L-L-O. WHATS THAT SPELL? HELLLOOOOOO! Okay, sooooooo, today, I’m gonna tell ya why I have not been posting. So it was allll dads fault. He wanted to make the boat more FANCY, so he got our boat taken OUT of the water. Apparently, there’s no internet connection. I NEED internet connection, or else ALAS I cannot post. Anyway, on saint patties day, WE WENT was soooo exiting! We have not been sailing for AGES, so of course the boat REALLY needed to stretch anyways, I gotta go. Bye. TEAGAN UP AND OUT!!!!!  

The post above was lightly edited by me for readability but 99.9% of all that is Teagan’s words.  We’re working on her writing more and she’s started to converse with a pen-pal on another boat by email.


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