Jealous Quincy? Nope, we loved Hunter on the boat- and I think he loved it too-

We decided to bring on a guest blogger as part of Quincy’s Sunday advice series:

“Quincy the Great Dane thinks she’s the only sailing dog that can gain international fame on this website, so I decided to come with my feeder and walker to see if I could steal some of that spotlight!  See, a Great Dane is large and overbearing and smelly….not too smart,,,but us puppies are really better.  Seriously, I LIKE the water, I smell better, I’m cuddly and my feeder person doesn’t EVER leave me alone….cause I may chew something up.  On this boat thing, I was in my element.  I mean….why can’t I do this permanently?  I loved the fact that there were lots and lots of tuggy ropes everywhere to play with…and I completely overcame and scared that Egret bird on the dock who was nearly three times my size…I think.  Getting the hint yet?  That Great Dane chick doesn’t have nothing on me!  You all need to tell the writer guy that I need to come on the boat more often!  Till then,,I’m off to look for more food”   

Here’s puppy Hunter in the cockpit:

Over the last two weeks, we took off for Catalina for the holiday but came back Sunday, meaning we had Monday free before we took off again for another adventure.   With a day between adventures, we invited the in-laws for dinner and along came their puppy, Hunter.  I was surprised at how well he did on the boat- climbing, exploring and generally doing better than anyone expected.  I was happy to barbecue some marinated chicken and a great piece of fish hand caught by the Surf-Fur Crew.  Need something wind and water proof that fits perfect and softens over time?  Check out the Surf-Fur website and make sure to tell em that LF2SF sent you….they’ll get a kick out of it.  This week we received our new autopilot, shopped for a new life raft and today I started prep to varnish the toe rails (they need it) before I would be forced to strip all the vanish completely.  We’re staying busy.  

For those who read the website on a regular basis or everyone who’s just stopping by…thanks for checking us out.  Remember we have a fledgling You Tube site and we’re live and running on Patreon if you want to support our adventures.  Have a great weekend! 

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