Projects finally starting to come together but it's gonna be an expensive July!

Slowly, projects have started to come together here on Tulum.  I’ve already ranted and raved about how I usually have 2-3 projects going at the same time, but sometimes it’s hard to know what they are and see evidence they’re getting done.  A neighbor was surprised last week when she asked if we still had major projects to complete on the boat.  I couldn’t help but stifle a giggle, as it’s obvious even our closet neighbors don’t realize all the stuff we have going on the boat at once.  But finally, some projects have started to gel and I’ve pretty happy that they’re starting to come together.

Today I finished the blinds.  I’ve been working on this project for several months and on various occasions it’s really been slow.  The old ones were the metal pull shades that tended to be really nice in port, but would have been a nightmare in rough seas:


Michelle picked the fabric and I spent the next four months working on different projects, without thinking through how much work some curtains would be.  They were more work than I imagined, but today they came together and I’m done with that project:

Curtains in my room, complete project done.

Today I also climbed the main again and re-installed our new check stays, made of Dyneema.  They went up quick after I finally climbed the mast in early morning (less wind) and they really seem to sexy up the boat! 

I’m concurrently working on sewing our new dinghy chaps (kicking my ass) and we’ve confirmed our appointment to get our new stainless welded onto Tulum for our new antenna farm and wind generator.  Going to be a busy July! 

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