Even a Great Dane looks for the shade-

Quincy the Great Dane is a 5-y/o Great Dane who lives on our sailboat and dispenses worthwhile information to dogs all over the world via her Sunday blog post…this one.  No matter what mood Quincy’s in, she usually dishes some sage and worldly advice for any dog who’s willing to listen (or read).   So read on for this week’s sage advice from the Viking Dog on a boat:

From the mind of Quincy the Great Dane: ” Man, this boat thing can get really, really hot.  Especially in my own custom Dog House, which used to be so comfortable and now seems to be a sweat box.  Not sure what the humans think I do for fun, but sitting around in the heat isn’t good for my morale.  So when I get too hot, I go find shade and cool deck spaces wherever I can.  For all those other dogs out there who live on boats in hot places….seek a shady deck space and make sure you claim it for your own!” 

Quincy the Great Dane, sitting on the deck right under the port dog house entry in the shade. Photo Credit to Michelle using an iPhone.

Here’s some of Quincy’s links to her other stories: 

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We love having our Great Dane on our boat and can’t wait to start our adventure as a family with her in tow.  It’s been a great week for followers on the blog, Pinterest site and for folks signing up to follow the YouTube Channel, thank you.  Friday will be huge for us as we’ll be dropping our first video made entirely by my daughter, for the Kids Corner post.  

With lots of projects knocked out, I’m able to make more time for the blog and sailing….as we’re off to Catalina again in the coming weeks. 

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