We went, we saw, we came home! More Weds-

We left Thursday afternoon for another overnight crossing to Catalina Island, Ca (about 74 miles straight from San Diego).  It was a rough ride, into a short steep swell and wind the whole time, under motor.  For this crossing and the upcoming weekend of fun on Catalina, we took along the folks who were going to crew for us down Baja, on the Baja Ha-Ha.  Needless to say, not everyone enjoyed 15 hours of motoring against the wind, current and swell (including me).  We didn’t make it to Catalina.  Approx 5 miles from Cat Harbor, Catalina we experienced engine failure and after thorough troubleshooting, we were forced to be towed back to San Diego via Towboat US. 

I’ll write a more detailed story for my Weds or Sat post as we’re home and regrouping! 

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  1. Happy to hear you guys got out for a Sail…how it ends is just part of the adventure. Hugs CB

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