A look into the daily life of a Great Dane as she shows you the FACE OFF!

Today you get a view of the daily Face-Off that Quincy the Great Dane does with her nemesis and great friend….Skipper!

“That’s right folks…the Face-Off is one of those grand daily events that only us dogs get….a must see event in order to truly understand the scope of emotions and interactions all wrapped into one meaningful moment in time.  No matter what the size of the dog….the face-off must be done in order to understand and generate the doggy pecking order.  Look at the picture carefully to understand this event”.  Especially if you’re one of those human types.

Look carefully at the deck of the powerboat across the dock from us.  On that deck, you’ll see the fearsome “Skipper” just seconds after the Face-Off ended. This event happens nearly daily and is one of the highlights of their doggy interactions.

We LOVE you joining us for a weekly dose of advice and wisdom from Quincy the Great Dane, who will be shipping out with us on the Baja Ha-Ha 2019 in November.  We’re a family who travels with our kids, sails and cruises and works on our boat as much as possible to prep for November.  I invite you to follow this website, our Pinterest site or our YouTube site (and all three) to keep up our adventures with us.

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