Part of Blogging is working to get folks outside your niche interested in what you’re writing about…no matter what your medium is.  However, I know plenty of folks who don’t identify as bloggers but they have a travelogue, blog, website, video links ect.  These mediums are fun and cool,,,so I’m re-posting this link from “It’s Good To Be Crazy Sometimes” for those of you who might want to keep building views of your site or just let people know you’re around.  I’ve been throwing links on this site inconsistently for at least the last 6 months trying to build my own website and I love the fact she’s doing this as a place for folks to come meet other bloggers.  If you’re interested, throw your links on here on Friday’s

I am so far behind with everything, so this weekend, I will be running round like a chicken with no head, trying to do everything. Its going to be a busy one, I hope you all have a great weekend If you have never done this before, give it a go, you lose maybe […]

via Its the Catch Up Weekend Share #99 — Its good to be crazy Sometimes

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