The perfect water parka turns me into a believer.

As I sit here rocking gently at anchor with a great glass of chardonnay and a setting sun, I think about the past couple of years that have swam by rapidly.  In February of 2018 I wasn’t retired yet and was living in our house with the kids…Michelle was living 3-hours away on the boat and working too.  Fast forward to February of 2019 and I was retired but working feverishly to get the boat ready for what seemed like an adventure that would never start.  This February I sit at anchor on our boat…having witnessed a close-up whale show by a mother and calf humpback right in the anchorage and watching the most glorious sunset over the mountains beyond the bay.

My thoughts turn and I reflect on one of the most valued personal items I’ve brought with me…knowing the jacket I use on a regular basis fits that description.  I’ve been into adventure most of my life and cut my teeth with ambitious mountaineering, trad climbing and extreme cold weather survival schools that just seemed fun at the time.  Throughout those years I fell in love with and tested gear from Mountain Hardware and Patagonia…often through extreme conditions.  Later in life and before leaving on this trip, I worked with the Joshua Tree Search and Rescue Team (JOSAR) and especially loved serving on the High Angle Rescue Team.  Training and actual events on the team were strenuous and serious, but the skills developed were extraordinary.  While working with the team and spending years climbing in Joshua Tree….I had favorite sets of gear that were expensive but made to a high standard that held up to the elements.  Throughout the years we’ve messed about on boats…I’ve searched for high quality outerwear that meets my standard for both warmth and wind resistance.  I didn’t say water resistance because we’ve found great brands that have high quality “shells” but I only have to wear that stuff when I get outside the cockpit and in the most extreme conditions.  98% of the time…I simply want a soft and supple piece of outerwear that has wind resistance and some warm…especially if I’ve just come off a dive or a wet deck and want to be comfy and secure.  It’s taken me awhile to find a great quality piece that will deliver all of these values…little did I know I’d find that brand right on the dock in front of my own boat and the owners would be studs and become family friends!

Upon moving onto our boat full time in July of 2018…I was introduced to our boat neighbors…. who owned a clothing company.  Our neighbors lived on a boat, surfed and dove all the time and owned their own clothing company called Surf-fur.  I really didn’t pay that much attention until I did a little research and decided to try one of their jackets out for myself.  I ordered it via Amazon and didn’t really make a big deal of it, as I wanted to evaluate it for myself.  When I got the piece, I looked it over carefully for fit, pockets, durability, stitching and the ability to be a warming layer and a wind-stopper.  I was impressed and loved the way the jacket softened, becoming my own quickly.  I tested it relentlessly by wearing it…in the rain…on cold mornings with Quincy in tow for her morning walks…and especially on my night watches as we practiced our night runs.  I was specifically looking for a jacket that would function for both night watches and coming out of cold water to warm me quickly.  It had to be machine washable and stain resistant (cause I sometimes spill my red wine!).  My Surffur jacket met ALL my requirements.  I was impressed and bought Michelle a jacket, which she also fell in love with.  I was so impressed, I used this brand as Christmas gifts to family….cause of the quality, high standards of manufacture and great fit.  Although I will admit these jackets are not cheap….that’s just it…they’re NOT cheap.  I love quality over quantity and tend to keep things a very long time if I know they’re great quality.  Case in point,,, I still have a Mountain Hardware tent that I tested in 1997 and it’s in great shape..but in storage at this point.  Surffur is well known among hardcore surfers and divers because of their Water Parka…which allows you to throw it on after getting out of the water and later use it as a personal changing station….getting naked under it and throwing on dry clothes without most folks knowing or caring.  With so many folks who follow this website oriented to the water…I needed to write this post to discuss what we use that serves us very, very well.  I don’t care if you go out and buy a jacket….but you should at least check out the brand at your local dive/surf shop or check out their website.  And, look carefully at their website as Tulum 5 is in one of the homepage pictures.

My Jacket….the Surfcheck Hoodie…so warm:

The Original WaterParka…ya know…the place you can get “naked” after surfing or diving and stay warm while you change!

We got along with the Surf-fur crew pretty well..and they took care of us as we prepped to leave.  I have a badass speargun sitting in the salon and the HelmMistress has this kewl wetsuit that fits her hot body very nicely..parting gifts from the Surf-fur crew.


As a family we were honored to get to know the Surf-fur crew and we miss them.  We know they’re are growing into boating adventure as they expand the company and we’re growing into our own cruising adventure too. But we can’t wait to see them when we can and we LOVE their products.  

Surffur products are available from Amazon or direct from their site.  Yes, the products are high quality and you’ll pay for that quality but it will last forever.  LF2SF didn’t get free jackets and has no financial affiliation with Surffur as a company.  We DO want you to check them out.  AND….we want you to follow our website and consider showing us some love via Patreon

Still reading?  Did we mention we think you should buy some sunscreen and tell them that LF2SF sent you? 

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  1. Spot on guys……when you need to be warm and dry…you must have really good gear that does the job…..cheers from Down under…

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