Even smaller projects and provisioning take a bite out of your time, don't overlook these smaller projects.

I’m finding that smaller projects take up as much time as large complex projects, especially when there’s (2) of us now involved with the daily decision making.  I’m good with that…I’m really, really good with my wife helping with day to day decisions now that she’s retired but it tends to stretch the decision making process just a bit as we discuss things more.  Frustration over our engine has now grown into more sullen frustration because we want  to LEAVE on NOV 4th and we’re now in week (6) with the engine out of the boat.  AND…this is in the US where we all speak the same language and parts can be overnighted and express shipped!  Nuff of that, let’s get back to small projects.

Smaller projects have taken a bite out of my time these last two weeks.

Yep, it’s true, smaller projects these last two weeks have taken a very definitive bite out of my time!  Or I’m avoiding larger projects?  It’s not like it’s a national emergency or anything, it’s just that there’s things to get done and we’re knocking them out as we go, using this time with no engine to get things done now.  This week we continued our provisioning with a Costco run for non-perishable’s and I finished up our dinghy cover…now called Grandma’s Quilt by my wife.  If you ever get to see it in person, you’ll know why-

Provisioning the essentials, 3 bags of charcoal and 3 bags of dog food.
Jerry Jugs coming onto the boat, part of provisioning too.
First Costco run for non-perishables.

What you saw in these pictures will be important for us as a family and crew.  Dog food is obviously important for Quincy but we mix it with rice, so she really doesn’t eat as much as she could eat…but we still gotta keep buying it in Mexico as we go.  We also grabbed bags of Green Egg Charcoal cause it burns good and we love barbecue on the Green Egg.  Non-Perishables will be important but we can get these nearly anywhere, so this is our first stab at taking these on the boat.  We’ll cover more provisioning we go on this blog, but my point is this….these things took time to collect, transport to the boat and get stored.  My stern lazarette swallowed up the (3) bags of charcoal and dog food but I had to reallocate space for other things.  The rest of the our stuff found a home below and the jerry jugs now reside on deck on the trail boards that I installed.

We’re bound and determined to sail away on November 4th but there will come a point when we need to make a wise decision not to do that because we have not properly tested our new rebuilt engine or had the valves readjusted properly after testing.  If it comes to that, we’ll weather that storm too.  In the meantime….we’re still on the dock completing preparations to leave.  We’re a family + a Great Dane who lives on a sailboat getting ready to cruise.  Quincy the Great Dane has her corner talk tomorrow morning for everyone who tunes in to see a Great Dane blogging…and read some of her wisdom.  

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