Quincy is a 133-pound Great Dane who lives on a cruising sailboat that’s currently somewhere in Southern Baja.  She’s lived on the boat for over a year and just transited down the Baja with the Baja Ha-Ha 2019 and her adventure family.  But like you…she sometimes gets the yen to be pampered and have a spa day.  So we had to oblige her….

Quincy the Great Dane spent a few days getting used to a wonderful doggy-day care and kennel in La Paz and while she was there, decided she needed a spa day.

“Daddy…I NEED a Spa Day!”

So…we decided there wasn’t much we could do but get a spa day after having her on the boat for 33 days straight without being in a Marina.  She got the full treatment…nails, ears and a full wash.  Have you ever seen a Great Dane shake off water before?  My guess is that this whole Spa Room was covered in wet Great Dane hair, water and soap.


Quincy’s Spa Day

We’ve thrown off the docklines and gone south!  We made it through Tropical Storm Raymond and finished the Baja Ha-Ha, now we’re cruising in Southern Baja and will soon escape to warmer weather as we prep to jump to the mainland for winter.  Quincy the Great Dane lives on the boat with two kids, a Big Green Egg and the other two people who feed and walk her.  She comments, pants and barks at you every Sunday when there’s internet.

The person who feeds Quincy wants to remind you great sunscreen is soooo important and we want you to know we use it EVERY day on our face, skin and especially our tatoos.  Trying to figure out how to keep your skin young and healthy looking without getting that wrinkly leather look in the sun?  Sunscreen, Sunscreen Sunscreen!   Want to check it out….use the discount code “SailFast” to get a few $% off and put a little in our pockets too-



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