Two weeks can seem like years with everything that happens to a cruising family in a short time.

First, Happy New Year.  I didn’t even do a New Year’s Post, but you’ll understand why when you read the rest. 

I haven’t written much since last year (two weeks ago)- Happy LATE New Year.  In fact, I haven’t written since we were in La Paz, Baja California because it’s been a really, really busy two weeks.  Suffice to say…there’s a ton of great stories and pictures just waiting to come out in some epic blog posts coming up.  Most of you haven’t skipped out yet…so I’m hoping for some patience while we get our shjit together here.  We’re under the weather a bit but pressing forward…seems like every time we get to a place where we find a bit of stability in life….God throws us another adventure (read: test?) to make sure we’re paying attention.  Leaving La Paz, we knocked out the Southern Crossing from La Paz directly to Puerto Vallarta with just a bit of drama…getting in here the morning of the 31st of 2019.  We slept through the New Year’s festivities and welcomed 2020 with some wind and rain but that’s evened out in the last week.  Then we moved onto more “tests”; as we had been working on keeping water outside the boat during the Southern Crossing and needed to do a quick haul out to check a few things on Tulum’s bottom.  A quick haul-out has turned into 5 days on the hard with 3-4 more days anticipated.  I’ll work through those stories…but needless to say I’ve been spending every day working in the boat yard, Quincy’s kenneled and we’re landlubbers.  

Wanna read more about some of these things?  Quincy will have her say tomorrow when the 1st Quincy’s Corner of 2020 comes out and Michelle (our Helm’s Mistress) takes her Weds writing to a new high explaining our current challenges in dry dock.  The best thing this website has is YOU….our followers.  I would NOT keep writing if you all were not out there- reading, commenting and cheering for us.  Please keep it up.  Yes, today I will answer every comment and keep answering as long as I have Wi-Fi.  Wanna buy me another Pacifico?  Check out our Patreon Site.   


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  1. So glad to hear you have made it across the waters! Love reading the blogs!! And cant wait to hear more of your adventures.

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