Hello peeps! I just realized that I have not updated you guys on what’s been happening, so I will do so in this post. We have moved on from la Cruz and went to Chacala with some friends of ours and after a very rolly night, moved on to Matanchen bay, a very pretty but buggy place. After spending a beach day in the sun and getting VERY burnt, we went on a river cruise via panga. It was actually quite cool. We went through a tunnel of mangroves, and then saw: crocs, several pretty birds, lots of catfish, and a ton of turtles. Our first stop was a croc sanctuary that had a lot of crocodiles behind a lot of tiny fences. We also saw some baby crocs too. There were also macaws, river deer, wild boar, coati, a bobcat, and, saddest of all, a jaguar, pent up in a tiny cage, searching for a way out. It was very sad… anyway, while were there, one of the coatis escaped and played with dad’s shoe! I don’t think he will be wearing it anytime soon.  Anyway, after that, went to the next stop, a restaurant, next to a fenced off crystalline pool, where you could supposedly see all the way to the bottom of 60 feet. I’m not sure it was 60 feet when we went there, but it was VERY clear, and they had a rope swing that you could hang onto and then vault yourself into the water! It was so much fun! Anyway, after Matanchen, we went to Isla Isabela, and snorkeled and scraped the hull. It was SO pretty!!! We saw Moorish idols, trumpetfish, puffers, and a number of others. After that we went to Mazatlán. Also, P.S., supersecretupdate: dad has been hinting that in La Paz, the place we’re going next, he’s gonna get me a hamster!!!


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  1. Great update Miss T. You have peeked my interest to visit the river tour.
    My sister and I had pet hamsters when we were your age. Stick with one so caring and cleaning is easier, thereby more enjoyable to have your new crew member. Do you have some names picked out? Maybe something nautical. 😜

  2. Wow….that sounds so incredible……..cannot wait to hear about where you go next and if you get a hamster!!!! Lots of love from maryland

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