Hey guys!! I know that some of you may have cabin fever, so I’ll try to make it interesting. Did you guys like the Minecraft game interview thingy? Well, if you did or not, I’m gonna tell you some more about it. So, remember when I told you about mods (I didn’t. I had to go way back and look at stuff again)? So, like I said, mods are a world with something built in it, or different mobs (this is basically what we call monsters, animals, villagers, etc.). Sometimes there are mash up packs, which is new mobs to battle, skins to wear, epic music to listen to, an entire world for you to explore, and a texture pack (it makes the blocks and stuff look different). One of my newest favorite mash up packs is Viking mythology. They have THIRTY different skins, most of them Norse gods, and, I know that this is going WAY into the details, but I think one of my favorite things is that the boats, they are row boats, and they have little shields and a dragon on the prow, just like a real Viking warship! Okay, gotta go. Or, as they say in Viking, “my time is spent”. TEAGAN UP AND OUT.

Kids Corner is laaate today because this morning I wasn’t able to post…due to a rig tune and then getting used like the canary in a cage to go provisioning.  We’re waiting on a delivery of parts and packages from the US…then taking off up the Sea of Cortez.  Spring is one of the best times to be in Baja due to the warming weather, less northers, warmer water coming in and lots of pelagic animals around.  We’ll head up the sea slowly…taking in everything as we go.  

Tomorrow,,,I’ll report on the changes happening in La Paz in real time, a principal reason to go north! Here’s a website with current info about Baja

We’re LF2SF and the highest compliment you could give us right now is to follow us and if you already follow…reach out and give us some lively discussion when you have time.  Got concerns, comments or compliments…we’ll take those too-

Stay safe, you’re in our thoughts and prayers- 




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