We prep to set-off for the next 5-6 months in the Sea of Cortez.

Having a plan is in general a good start to any evolution- wouldn’t you agree?  If you know me well enough, you know I could barely spell the word (P-L-A-N) outside of work.  I’m an Emergency Nurse by training and learned early on that life happens– set goals, but don’t be upset if your train gets derailed along the way and be ready to recalibrate your course.  Cruising, especially over the past month or so definitely exemplifies this outlook on life.  Even when I attempt to give the girls some direction on where we’re going, how long it will take, whether it involves an overnight crossing and…. “are we there yet?”, we end up with an entirely unexpected journey.  This was the case on our recent crossing back to Baja. (see below…perhaps I should’ve underlined “Tentative” in the title):

The Actual Plan
The Original Plan









I just went through my phone and deleted all the screenshots of news articles with COVID-19 information I had stored over the past few weeks as we had intermittent WiFi only available on shore and I wanted to read some items later.  Boy was it cathartic!  I’m keeping up on local and international news as a responsible citizen, but there comes a point where the obsession with the news becomes overwhelming – especially when it’s this dismal.  There is definitely a mindset to overcome while isolating in the interest of public health.  We’ve been so protective of the kids – why go out when there is no reason to and potential risk on top of it?  We’ve been living in our perpetual “bunker” as if a nuclear explosion had recently occurred, but we finally got on the dock and did some exercise.  We need it, believe me.  Also, for the first time in 2 weeks, the girls and I walked to the end of the marina to stretch our legs at sunset.  Just lovely.  The flowers never looked so brilliant.  There’s a handful of employees and a few liveaboards here, but we’re pretty isolated and don’t come close to being within 6 feet of anyone.  In fact, Kellyn reminded me that we should be an alligator’s distance from other people…thank you for that insight (no alligators in sight around La Paz btw).  In fact, we encountered no one on this walk and it’s the only time the girls have left the boat unless showering.

Plans are nice to have, but our plans have once again changed.  We planned to leave last week, but between rumor and actual restrictions being put in place both for COVID-19 and the Semana Santa weekend, we figured it best to just stay put for a bit longer.  We’ve had to “suffer” here on the dock with a strong WiFi signal from the comfort of our boat for the first time since we left and endless power…what a different world it is!  Staying longer also means we had to run through yet another provisioning and “what if” list as we prepare to leave the comforts of a large city for the great unknown.  Dragging out the inevitable drives you insane after a bit – it’s time to go.  You can’t plan for everything and what good is having all this “stuff” if you can’t find it when you need it?  I seriously can’t pack any more bags of flour or cans of Spam that I might or might not use in the upcoming months into another compartment on this boat.  We’re done!

So now we set off to…somewhere north in the Sea of Cortez for hurricane season for who knows how long.  There are so many options in the Sea, but it is hard to say what will be open and where we will be able to anchor and explore, all with a constant eye on the weather.  Many of the beautiful small fishing villages do not want foreigners to come to their shores as they do not have the medical resources to manage this virus.  We understand.  I look back to almost 6 months ago when we left the US and I have similar sentiments as we anticipate our departure.  “Just do it, you’ve prepared enough and you’ll figure out the things you need to along the way.  You’ll encounter challenges and you’ll work through them. You’ll have rich life experiences and will grow as a family – just go!”  So, it is with this esprit de corps we set sail again to explore all the beauty and wonder that Baja has to offer.  Be safe and stay healthy.

So we’re heading out into the Sea of Cortez for the foreseeable future to self-isolate and see the beauty of the Sea.  We LOVE it when you FOLLOW us and if you’re feeling generous, we’d love to have you check out our Patreon Site and buy us a beer. 

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