Boat life for a dog isn't always what you think it is-


Quincy Great Dane is a 6-year old pure bred Great Dane who lives on a cruising sailboat currently isolating from COVID-19 in the Sea of Cortez.  Life onboard a boat that’s purposefully trying to isolate isn’t the greatest for a large-breed dog, but she handles it with aplomb.  Seriously, Quincy often goes for days or weeks without getting off the boat, seldom gets to run off the leash and now hasn’t gotten a solid walk with her family in 3-months.  Her walks are often short and focused on dumping trash, quickly getting out of and back into a pitching dinghy and barking at random pangas (her specialty).  Today…like every Sunday Quincy Dane communicates her wisdom via this website and blog post….read on:

From the Paws of Quincy Dane: “Life on this boat isn’t umbrella drinks and unlimited kibble.  My feeders often feed me late (by my standards), forget to give me tasty scraps from the galley, make me lay around and smell all the good cooking as it wafts out of the galley and knock over my water bowl and forget to refill it.  Life as a boat dog just isn’t what you soft-paws think it is.  I mean…the feeder often uses loud voice at me and tells me he can trade me in for a parrot.  How offensive is that….I’m a pure bred Great Dane.  So for all you dogs out there contemplating boat life…make sure you drop me a line to get the real story of life on a boat before you decid to leap into the water and find out you really can swim”!

Quincy Dane is a very real part of the LF2SF crew and we know our isolation would be morose without her.  She’s a loved and appreciated part of the crew who makes us feel safer at night and makes sure to let us know whenever there’s a panga or patrol boat around the area.   And she let’s every other boat know too.  Don’t forget how much Quincy eats…check out our Patreon Page is help with some kibble.

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