Even Quincy gets a hotel and spa week occasionally!

Finding a great kennel or doggy hotel in remote locations is sometimes hard to do.  In less remote places like La Paz and La Cruz, we found great kennels for Quincy…but we weren’t too sure about finding one in Loreto.  Thanks to advice from a fellow cruiser (with a dog)…we found a wonderful doggy lover who takes in pups…for hotel and spa stays in her luxury villa.

For family reasons, Quincy needed a time in a doggy hotel…so we loaded her in the Road Warrior (our mini-van) and off she went to her doggy hotel.  I knew she was happy in about 5 minutes as she luxuriously stretched out on the cool satillo tile covering the back porch and accepted belly rubs from the girls.

For the first time in over 3-months, Quincy is thrilled to be on as much land as she wants, to ride in a car again and be able to sleep on a patch of ground large enough to fit all of her frame.

As a family we live on a cruising sailboat in the Sea of Cortez.  But for family, health and crew morale reasons…we decided we wanted to see both sets of our parents this 4th of July.  After careful analysis of risks vs. reward…we thought we could get home and back to the boat most safely by road tripping; with some specific precautions based on our former occupations.  Knowing there are risks involved with a road trip even with precautions thrown in..we decided to do the trip now as we think COVID might be worse in the fall…but we hope and pray that we’re wrong.  So we loaded the Road Warrior (the mini-van) and road tripped up Baja in time for the 4th of July Holiday.  I didn’t do a post yesterday because we were celebrating with only the kids and Grandparents.  YES, we’d LOVE to see our friends here in San Diego…but this isn’t our house and we want to protect both our family and friends by NOT having a gathering.  Our friends will read this and understand.  We’re also taking precautions and not seeing our friends in the US so we don’t bring the virus back to our boat.

I’ll do a road tripping post with LOTS of photos in the near future.  Happy 4th of July from LF2SF and the family to all of you-


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