A boat life update from a kid's point of view that includes a sneak peak at her new book..."A Wolf's Life"

Hello, all. I’m not going to write about games in todays post, because dad told me not to.

However, I [hopefully] will be posting several sky videos soon, but this will be the last time you will hear from me, on the blog at least.

So, any who, we are currently in Escondido, for the last time! But don’t worry, you will hear from me again (eventually..)! I also hope I will be able to post/put up my book that I’m writing! Ooooh, yes, you heard me right! I’m making a book called A Wolf’s Life, which I hope to post soon. The basics? A wolf named Scarlet finds a new home at Shadow Pack, hoping to hide from the great war between Ice Pack, River Pack, Forest Pack, Shadow Pack, Sky Pack, and Storm Pack. But not everything is as it seems. Old magic and ancient enemies are stirring, and the tide of the war may change. Scarlet, fated to end the war, wants no part in it, just to have a simple life as a medic. Fate, however, has a different idea… (this is the point where you hear me shouting “MUAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!” in the background). So, anyway, I hope you shall like it! Also, because I thought it was funny, here’s my custom emoji gallery: J (happy, just do : and ) together), L (sad, just do : and ( together), 😉 (winking, just do ; and ) together), :”( (really sad/crying, just do : and “ and ( together. To make happy crying, change the ( to )), :0 (surprised, just do : and 0 together), 😀 (really happy, just do : and D together), xD (crazy happy, just do x and D together), XD ( really crazy happy, just do X and D together. J.


While this post was written while we were awaiting engine repairs in Puerto Escondido, you will most likely read it when we’ve started our push north with the goal of Bay of LA in 2 weeks or so.  Likely, we’ll be in Bahia San Juanico while you’re reading this and loving it.  We allow our daughters time to write on the blog as an outlet to develop creativity and confidence in what they’re writing.  While the theme/content of the kid posts is carefully edited, the rest isn’t.

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