Although a short/quick read, this is a book with important lessons that you'll probably use the rest of your life!

Yep, some will call this a quick read but it also reads into the mind of the author, who has a lot to say about character,  which I find an especially important subject as I write this on 20/09/11 and during a time of callous indifference in our nation.  “Make Your Bed” by Admiral William H. McRaven is a quick read at just 130 pages, but I doubt you’ll put it down before you’re suddenly done with it….wanting more.  Admiral McRaven’s points are worth thinking about and were just as poignant the first time I read the book as this last time I read the book.  I tend to read books, do the book reviews and then pass them on to a local cruisers library where someone else can enjoy them.  Most of the points he makes are on character, but the strongest one is simple…make your bed every morning.   Why?  So you can have at least one thing you’ve completed during the day…a great way to start the day.

A great book on the building of strong character that I would highly recommend in this tumultuous time in US history, where character is most definitely an issue.

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