A quick Quincy Dane note and update on our current happenings.

Quincy the Great Dane is a 130-pound pure bred Great Dane who lives on a cruising sailboat currently cruising in Mexico.  She’s doing great.  Doesn’t always like all the rocking that this Mexican coastline throws at us, but we all take it in stride cause we’ve seen worse and lived to tell the tale.  She does like to play queen of the dinghy and get into shore as often as possible but with our desire for small surf beach landings…this isn’t always possible.  

Tulum has gone as far south this year as we’re gonna and we’ve started our trip north again to spend some time in Banderas Bay before heading back to the Sea of Cortez for one more summer.  We hope you all stay with Miss Quincy Dog and the adventures of the family as Tulum heads back north again. 

Tulum’s Asymetric, on the way from Manzanillo to Tenacatita.


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  1. Oh, I am so envious right now, stuck in a forest. One day I will get back to Baja… Wishing you and your family all the best. Kx

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