Here it is, our Baby Turtle Release Short Film by the HelmsMistress-

After much anticipation over the past year, we finally went to a baby turtle release at Boca de Tomates beach near Puerto Vallarta!  I was so impressed with the training program, the relentless efforts of the volunteers to protect sea turtles, and the guidance they provided us to have a great experience to “help” (trust me, they didn’t need us) these babies on their important journey out into the vast ocean.  I was a bit excited…overwhelmed honestly… as you’ll see from some of the erratic video footage, trying to film and experience it simultaneously.  At any rate, I hope you enjoy and my hope is that this experience is one that many generations will be able to enjoy in the years to come.  Thanks for watching!

So here it is, follow the link to our YouTube Page:  Baby Turtle Release

Hope you enjoy this short film and realize that this was a must-do on the HelmMistress’ bucket list, meaning she and the kids had wanted to witness this miracle of nature for quite a while.  We’re happy to bring this to you and hope you consider FOLLOWING this website and our YouTube Channel as we have more videos coming,,,,like the next one on Friday by Kids Corner.  Have fun watching…and HAPPY CINCO de MAYO.  We’re off the grid by the time this publishes most likely at one of the islands off Loreto.  Cruising….Yep, we like to do it and we like to write about those experiences.  Please consider FOLLOWING our website as we continue to family cruise slowly-



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