Another road trip up Baja by car knocked back in the land of plenty. Here's a quick Kids Corner take on it all-

WE’RE HOME!! *celebration noises*. Dad (also known as Editor) wants me to write about something other than games (he has also expressed his concern over my large addiction over games XD)… so, HOME!!!  For this lovely trip, we get ice cream at Cold Stone, get new clothes and shoes, get to marvel at the cute-ness of the hamsters in the Petco, then cry a little bit because we’re immediately dragged out of the store with no fuzzy hamsters. Fast forward, we make a game out of how many brands/fast food joints we can recognize, because what’s better than that? KFC, Mcdonldsssssss, Popeyes, Wing Street (Wing Street???), Pizza Hut (Oh. MY.PIZZA HUTTTTTTTT.), and SO. MANY. OTHERS. WE JUST WANT TO EAT THEM ALLLLL. But ummm.. yeah. Home. Nostalga. Seeing local brands that we have been seeing for years and years… and others, not so much.  TEAGANUPANOUT

The Road Warrior

So yeah, we’re back in the US and trying not to get fat again from all the available and easy to grab food that seems to be everywhere.  I think this is what my daughter is trying to get at with this post, but I’ll just tell it straight.  So much fast food everywhere….so many choices and the culture shock just keeps coming.  I think the kids are finally just old enough to recognize for themselves that there’s so many choices here in the US that are simply not available elsewhere that we travel.  We try to lead a simple and fairly boring life off the grid with the occasional adventures thrown in….like road-tripping up and down Baja.

Remember that the stories that come out on Friday’s on this blog are written entirely by two kids who live on a cruising sailboat full time and only lightly edited by “the editor”….me.

Ok, more coming out about our trip and other fun stuff, stick with us and READ the BLOG POSTS!

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