Quincy Dane is smart enough to move around the boat in search of cool shaded spots, a unique talent.

We have a large breed dog on a sailboat, which presents unique challenges.  One of those challenges is finding large enough cool/shaded spots for her to sleep and rest out of the sun.  Out here, salt and sun are everywhere and we constantly work on shade for all of us.  Quincy understands this game and moves around the boat as needed to find the coolest places to rest.  Whether it’s downstairs on the cool sole of the boat, on her cockpit cushions or out on the shaded decks, Quincy Dane will find that right spot.

First thing this morning, right outside our galley window
Hot afternoon, sun has already gone overhead-
Quincy has found a cool shaded spot on deck, but she also knows the HelmsMistress is cooking bacon, one of her favorites.

Ok, there’s your weekly meeting with Quincy Dane read and see what she does best…resting and smelling for food.  Hope you enjoyed this and stick with us as we continue to endure the Baja Summer.  Tulum is for sale which means we’re working on various projects to keep her in great shape and present any buyer with a good, strong healthy boat.

We love your Views, Comments and “Likes” and had a really good week of new Followers last week, which I would love to keep up.  Thank you for following and reading this website.

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