Another secret weapon to help us keep our giant breed dog cool on our sailboat....homemade ice pops.

Last Sunday, I wrote all about the ways we work to keep our Great Dane cool on board as we live full time in the Sea of Cortez this hurricane season, in the post called “Great Dane On A Boat: Chasing Shade“.  Living with and taking care of any animal sets you up for responsibility and care giving no matter what size or breed- but I admit that having a giant breed dog on a smallish sailboat takes this to the extreme…as we have no A/C and we’re tied to a specific (hot and dry) region during these months of hurricane season.  One of the reasons we bought this particular sailboat is the ease of access to get below for most any size dog, and Quincy uses this back-cabin entrance all the time to come lay below decks on the sole, cooling herself off under any number of fans the kids direct her way.  But we have one other secret for cooling Quincy that I forget to share in last Sunday’s post, it’s long overdue that I shared….icepops.  Yep, the addition of the new freezer (last summer) now allows us to freeze popsicle icepops for Quincy (and the kids) and she totally loves them.  When fed to her like the princess she is, she simply eats them while laying down…but of course being a Great Dane she makes a huge icy water mess that we have to clean up.  Check it out, it’s funnier to watch in person:

This particular day we’re all watching Quincy eat her first homemade ice pop.

 Like I talked about last post, Quincy isn’t shy about moving to shade all over the boat or finding spots where we have fans running to keep her cool.  But two favorites are bow and stern, mostly in the evening where she can see everyone coming and going on the docks and get the cool later afternoon breezes.  When we took the time to get our chainplates and standing rigging redone in La Paz last October/November, we also had cushions made for our stern “owners” cockpit and for the unused space on our forward cabin.  That forward cabin cushion has now become a Quincy favorite.

Quincy on her bow perch, late afternoon in Escondido, BCS Mexico.

Quincy Dane is a purebred 7-year old Great Dane who lives on a cruising sailboat in Baja California.  She’s adapted well to sailing and looks forward to more adventure.  Her family lives on the boat with her and probably bought the boat just for her.  With a stern owners cabin with easy steps to get into the cabin, her doggyness easily transitions belowdecks and/or back on deck wherever it’s cooler.

Tulum V is currently for sale with La Paz Cruisers Supply and on Yachtworld.

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