Woo-hoo, first article from LF2SF published in an international sailing magazine. Check out the story inside this post-

I’m really, really excited to see an article written for this website published in Latitudes & Attitudes sailing magazine.  It’s exciting to see this article published this month (March) because the story is about us leaving Mazatlan…in March of 2021, a year ago.  I sat down and wrote this article, “Catch & Release” in the doldrums of the summer of soot, waiting in the heat of the Baja summer in Escondido, BCS to get our engine fixed.  This took all summer.  So, I wrote this article nearly 8 months ago and I submitted it to Latitudes & Attitudes nearly 6 months ago but was never sure it would be published until I opened the brand new Spring 2022 issue to find my article inside.  Can’t tell you how exciting it is to finally see one of our stories in professional print.

The impetus behind writing this specific article was to give other boaters and cruisers a view of how things went wrong and what we did to work through the challenges.  I also used the article to illustrate how help from our buddy boat made the difference between a fast solution or perhaps having to stay for another day to get a diver to get that huge anchor released from OUR chain and anchor.

I want to take the time to thank Bob Bitchin and the staff at Latitudes & Attitudes for selecting my story and encourage you to go grab the Spring 2022 Latitudes & Attitudes issue or take a look at their website for the story.

Craig working to get our anchor out from under the giant fishermans anchor.

Wanna read the original article, check out “Catch & Release” using the link. 

Wanna read about our Summer Of Soot in the Baja heat…click the link.


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  1. Great read, even if I know the story already. Thank you for representing cruisers in the light of the community. Many are familiar with it but also many are not.
    A huge congrats with the step forward in your plan.

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