I’ve gotta admit something to you.  I really, really like cooking on a Big Green Egg.  On Tulum, we made the choice to have a size small Big Green Egg on board, only one of (2) sailboats we’ve ever seen with a BGE onboard.  Today I’m going to work through a story about cooking two Pork Tenderloins with a real Maple Whiskey Glaze…from scratch.

I’ve got to start out by giving credit where it’s due: I followed the recipe for this dinner right out of one of my favorite cookbooks, Mr. Ray Lampe’s Big Green Egg Cookbook.*

This particular recipe is on page 32, and while I didn’t have the paprika or real maple syrup or maple wiskey… I did use regular syrup and whiskey and the recipe came out pretty damn good.  I’ll let you read the recipe in the book for the rest of the ingredients…but if I have them on the boat, you probably have them in the kitchen.   Here we go:

Starting the glaze and putting together my ingredients for the pork
The glaze on the right which thickened up nicely with some heat like a rue and the pork dry rub on the left, just before I put it on the meat.
Pork Tenderloin on the Big Green Egg, with good heat.
Pork Tenderloin after sitting for 10 minutes right off the Egg. We used 3/4 of the glaze basted on the meat as it cooked, which meant there’s nice flavor on it.  And the meat has plenty of tenderness, it didn’t dry out. 

Hell YEAH…this turned out to be a great dinner when we added some cauliflower rice and salad plus a nice crisp glass of wine.  We were SO stoked over this cook that we invited our friends from S/V Kyrie over for dinner…and they liked it so much there were NO leftovers.  This is how a great dinner should be..appreciated and eaten with good friends. 



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