Sometimes new dog toys are cheap and readily available in the tropics.

Dogs are like kids.  You can spend lots of money on toys and entertainment, but all they really want to do is play with a cardboard box….or in this case…a coconut.  After watching her neighbor Elbe of S/V Carry On* bring back coconuts to the dock, I think Quincy was inspired to see what all the hype was about these ever-abundant play toys of the tropics.  We now must factor in at least 5 minutes of “coconut time” during morning walks for her to chase down and then tear at the husk of her prized coconut.  Funny that it’s taken this long for her to discover the pure bliss of discovering a coconut on the ground– who knew?  Some days we recognize signs of aging in our girl, but she instantly reverts to being a puppy again when she spots her “new toy” near the mangroves.  Have a great week!

Tulum-5 is in Panama as we finish up work on our bearing/shaft project and prepare to put in a NEW exhaust system.  It’s still rainy (hurricane) season here so we work when it’s dry and try to stay dry when it rains.

Tulum-5 is for sale….check out her link on YachtWorld:  Tulum-5 For Sale

*- S/V Carry On is currently for sale, check out the link for info.

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