Hell yeah we LOVE to cook on our own boat.  We have a bitchin galley to cook in and there's nothing better than making a great meal that my crew LOVES.  The HelmsMistress doesn't mind me cooking either...cause then she gets to relax and think about tomorrows school day. Read this story...I'm gonna drop some stovetop cooking knowledge-

We’re on a sailboat in the heart of the topics….where temperature and humidity combine to create LOTS of heat in our galley IF we run the oven.  But I have options:  we can bake in the Big Green Egg but space is limited or we can bake in the solar oven if there’s sun….or I can modify and cook the recipe on the stovetop.  Duhhhhhh, we’re in rainy season in the tropics.  

Like I’ve mentioned before, we eat what we can find on the local market…and we’ve found really good looking eggplant in Panama recently, so I cook it.  So what does a creative cook like me do when I’ve just gotta have me some home cooked eggplant parmesan?  In my case, I figure out how to cook the recipe as best I can on the stovetop….and it works well.  Here we go….gonna drop some a great food idea on you:

Eggplant works best when it’s dry….but it’s full of juice when you cut it into slices.  These have just been cut and I’ve put them out to start drying.  I usually throw some sea salt on them to speed up the drying and I “mop” the slices with paper towels at least 2-3 times to get the most moisture out.
Perspiration- that’s RAD…and you can see a bit of my sea salt.
Next step after I dry them…throw them into hot olive oil to try to get them to cook until there’s just a bit of a sear/blackening on them. I didn’t do a great job of this on this cook. PS: I love cooking with cast iron, good for a boat because they keep heat nicely and don’t wear out.
While I’m letting the eggplant slices perspire…I cook a homemade tomato sauce- basic tomato sauce (out of a can), fresh basil, a bit of sea salt, a bit of fresh onion and not much more.
Here’s my eggplant after cooking in the hot oil.
Tomato sauce in the bottom of the cast iron…eggplant slices on top- but as a single layer. Next I’ll throw whatever cheese I have on top, then another layer of tomato sauce…then repeat until done with the ingredients.
This is layer #2.  When the layers are all in, I can let heat (medium to low) slowly melt the layers of cheese and sauce/eggplant together.
My dish completed, on the stove, in under an hour.

Hell yeah we LOVE to cook on our own boat.  We have a bitchin galley to cook in and there’s nothing better than making a great meal that my crew LOVES.  The HelmsMistress doesn’t mind me cooking either…cause then she gets to relax and think about tomorrow’s school day.  Cooking our own food on our own boat lets us control our own food intake, save money and keep close tabs on how much food we have…and when we need to provision again.  I hope you enjoyed this blog post and let me know if you have questions or comments.  

-Vegan Recipe- NOPE, but it could be if you took the time to make some GREAT tasting cashew cheese instead of the melty cheese I threw in the recipe.  I love the nuanced tastes that come from all the fresh ingredients.  Give this one a try for a hungry crew-

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* Thanks to the Boat Galley Cookbook for the inspiration involved in this recipe.

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