On this occasion, Tulum was in Golfito, Costa Rica with good access to local shopping but of course, when shopping locally you get what you can get….so some of the ingredients in my recipes are just not always available and I often have to adapt or revise the recipe for what I have on hand.  This recipe is no different but it turned out really, really good, so I’m gonna share in case you want to cook it too-
The burgers would come out so tasty even Kitty wanted to help make them.

We use the ingredients we have handy or can purchase locally to create new recipes that we can throw on the Big Green Egg….and we actually had a day of less rain (allowing us to use the Big Green Egg).

First relatively dry afternoon in Golfito in a week. Time to Green Egg.

For this particular night we would have less rain…having had rain for the last several weeks, it was a welcomed break to sit in the stern cockpit and use the Egg.  For the ingredients on hand and the fact I wanted to use the Egg, I pulled out The Green Egg Cookbook by Mr. Ray Lampe and found the recipe I would use on page 30.

On this occasion, the crew wanted burgers but I wanted something a bit different; so after looking at my ingredients I knew I had 90% of the recipe except I was totally missing the key ingredient…the 2 pds of ground pork.  Getting ground pork in quantity may not be a problem in most places, but I didn’t have it right then.  But I did have ground beef, some turkey sausage and most of the rest of the ingredients the recipe calls for, so I decided to cook!

Getting all of my ingredients together. Chardonnay is not part of the recipe.

I knew that I would find cook consistency and taste by mixing the turkey and sausage together with the spices early and allowing them to sit in the fridge for a bit, so I actually did this prep before I lit the Egg to bring it to temperature….500 degrees takes a bit on a size small Big Green Egg but it is totally possible.

My daughter mixing the sausage and ground beef…as I didn’t have the ground pork the recipe called for.

While waiting on the heat to rise in the egg, I took out the meat and formed the burgers….following the recipe but adding finely chopped onions in the addition to the spices and finely chopped green peppers.

Sausage burgers ready to go on the grill.

With the afternoon still dry, clear and pretty….it was time to cook.  Drop the burgers on the grill 4 minutes on each side, only turning once.  Add cheese.  Perfection on a Big Green Egg.

We love cooking on the Big Green Egg in our stern cockpit, a nice feature on our cruising sailboat.  Our family, dog and cat live permanently on our sailboat traveling and cruising slowly.  We love our cruising lifestyle and bringing our content to you when we have internet and time to publish.

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