Morale was great after Big Green Egg read our website and sent us a small care package.

Early this week the crew here in Tulum and LF2SF received an unexpected package full of SWAG from Big Green Egg...and I can’t tell you how much it improved morale to know that someone at the company appreciated all the cooking we’ve been doing.

Kitty and the rest of the LF2SF Crew want to send a huge THANKS to Big Green Egg for our care package.

In anticipation of our engine project finally finishing, we’re doing non-stop work on the boat to get her to a point where we want to take her off the dock and conduct an engine sea trial with her (later this week) so we’ve been working on all sorts of small projects.  While doing all this, our animals can sense the excitement and change of attitude….so we decided to kennel Quincy Dane for a bit to knock these final pieces out…(and it helps the final varishing not to have dog hair in it).

Quincy Dane LOVES her van rides with Mr. Rogelio to her kennel in Panama City.
Once at her Vacation Kennel in Panama City, she went straight to the doggy pool to catch some rays and make sure the water was fresh.
While back on the boat…amidst the work, Kitty decided she liked all the boat cleaning and found a new spot to inspect and sleep.  Actually the same spot at the top picture, but now cleaned out. 

Have a great weekend and a great week!

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