Holidays are a time for us to slow down and reflect. This holiday season is no different, making sure to reflect on what we're thankful for and ensuring we remember grace in the face of adversity. Quincy Dane and Sailing Kitty wanted to take this time to wish you all "Happy Holidays".

Quincy Dane and Sailing Kitty want to wish each and every one of YOU a very, very heartfelt “Happy Holidays”

Umm, can I have a Pina Colada please?

The holidays are upon us and no matter what tradition you celebrate during these times, we hope it is safe, warm and peaceful, content in the knowledge that things always get better as we go along.  We’re certainly trying to model grace under pressure for our kids and remember that we have so much to be thankful for.  Here’s a very short list of things we remember during the holidays: 

  • We’re so thankful that our family is safe and healthy. 
  • We’re thankful to have a robust, safe and sound sailboat that we rely upon as our home.  
  • We’re very thankful to have a small group of people close to us who are very patient, can see that things will get fixed and understand how damn hard we’ve been working to get the engine fixed. 
Cruising Kitty was dressed against her will but still wants to wish you Happy Holidays!

Even on Christmas Day, LF2SF is published on a cruising sailboat (currently in Panama) as we continue our adventures.  

Tulum-5 remains under contract, hopefully for just a short time longer.  I hate the term “swallowing the anchor”, so we’re not doing that.  We’re simply pivoting to a new adventure that might involve another boat or might involve some other cool means of travel; cause we’re gonna travel as long as it’s right for the family.  Once travel is no longer good for the family, we’ll make big boy & girl decisions based on the good of the family.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.  


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