As soon as the mechanics finally arrived, things started getting real for the family. Once our engine started getting fixed and when running, we need to be moved off the boat. So, no better time to start than now. This is the first story of that new adventure.

When we started our family sailing adventure, we left the US with over 100 bottles of decent red wine, saved from the house and toted down to the boat during multiple trips.  Over years of cruising, we slowly drank those bottles, mostly with friends throughout the years.  This last bottle we saved.  We wanted to drink it in celebration.  The night we heard that the mechanic and our parts would show up the next day, we drank and savored the last bottle.  Yep, it was great and we appreciated it very much.  

2001 Frei Brothers Reserve

In anticipation of the mechanics showing up, all I really wanted was parts and mechanics to show up the next day, my birthday.  And what a great present it was to have them show up…and start work immediately.  Within an hour of showing up, the mechanics had “unseized” our pistons, they were moving.  

Pistons, MOVING and cleaned, 2 hours after our mechanics arrived.

With the mechanics on the boat, things started to get real.  We needed to start clearing ALL of our stuff off the boat.  It did take awhile to get the parts back and get these excellent mechanics to the boat, but I think it was worth the wait (although I admit I don’t have much patience).  So we started to pack; packing the first box of stuff to “officially” take off the boat and get to our shed, starting to make decisions about donate, ship or take on a plane.

Yep, the first cart. Doesn’t look too sexy, but it was a big deal to us.

After 12 hours of being on the boat, the engine work progressed rapidly and immense weight fell off my shoulders as I realized we had finally made the right decision on parts and mechanics.  

Head and Head Gasket back on.
Cover back on and engine painted

Engine work is progressing rapidly and we’re super excited to see Tulum cleared of our stuff.  We put in an offer on another sailboat that wasn’t accepted so we’re looking at other family adventure options.  We’re not heading back to a brick and mortar type adventure right now, we’re going to continue traveling to cool places.  Think we’re done? We’re not. Keep Reading! 

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  1. Can’t wt to see where your adventures take you, MICHELLE! We are heading on a 20 day Mediterranean cruise on Scenic Eclipse a yaught like boat in May. Then Steve is walking his 3rd Camino thru France and Spain! 1 000 miles and 70+ days! I’m going too but I’ll be taking taxi daily and making sure our different accommodations daily are all set up! We are working with a company called Camino Ways. They made all our reservations for 70 some days in France and Spain plus transfer our luggage daily to next place! We will celebrate my 73rd bday in France! Let your adventures never stop! Mary and Steve Medina!

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