Quincy Dane the Great Dane and Sailing Kitty are doing the same thing we are….waiting on engine work on our sailboat (Should start tomorrow and be done this week).  We’ve moved off the boat; first at the request of the mechanics so they would have complete access then on our own volition as we realized it was time to get our stuff off the boat.  We know this and we knew it needed to be done.  But that was two weeks ago.  We sat for another entire week waiting on parts and now that the parts showed up….the mechanics need to get back on board and start the engine work again.  Hopefully tomorrow, so not much to report with Great Dane and Kitty in this usual Sunday post. 

A soft farewell to a friend 

Most of our friends are adventurers, travelers or heroes in their own way- active and outdoor oriented.  Today we found out we lost one of those friends.  Although we have not seen or talked to him in a while, he was one of those people we could reunite with and it would be like we saw him yesterday.  He was always positive and always outdoors, mixing it up with one adventure sport or the other.  His loss is especially poignant for me because of my rock climbing and high-angle rescue background.  But mostly, I simply can never forget how he helped me through some tough times with a cold Diet Coke and an always cheery attitude…literally always a kind word for me.  One time he allowed me to get into his private office (also his living area at the time) even though he was another state away….just to insist that I take one of the precious cases of Diet Coke so carefully hidden under his desk.  Not only did he share this secret hiding space, he allowed me to spirit away that entire case of Diet Coke.  I’ve since quit Diet Coke because of my considerable addiction to it’s nectar like taste….but those moments will never be forgotten.  Not only was our friend a consummate outdoorsman, but he was also someone who would never brag about some of his rip-roaring adventures or the fact that he was an American hero.  Our friend died outdoors, doing something he loved.

I might sound a bit bitter; because if we were in the US we would seriously consider trying to make it to his celebration of life.  But we are in Panama.  So I’ll start with a Diet Coke tonight at dinner and the HelmsMistress and I will raise a toast.

Writing from Panama, farewell old friend.

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