Good Morning:

Please stick with us as we start (and hopefully finish) our site migration this week to our new website. We’re staying in the WP family but we’re working on a new and updated site with all new content as we transition through our new travel digs. Don’t know what we mean by this? Don’t worry, new posts will be coming soon enough but we strongly hope you will transition with us to the new site.

We know the only way to keep you interested is strong content. So we’re working hard to upgrade our site and keep our content current and relevant. But we’re also traveling without strong WiFi, so we’ll post when we can!

Stay with us, new website and all new content coming soon….like this week I think!

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  1. I’m sticking to ya like the first sip of a good margarita. Looking forward to what is to come. Love ya. Miss Carrie

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