Wanna visit a great microbrewery that's kid friendly and has great beer and tacos....read my review.

Last week we took off on one of our many roadtrips (with kids) to do an errand in mid-California….arriving in Oakdale, Ca in late afternoon.  The city bills itself as the “Cowboy Capital of the World” and sits in the middle of access to Yosemite National Park.  A cute city with more amenities than where our adventure base sits, we soaked up the ambiance for the less than 24 hours we were there and we’re happy to report we found a great microbrewery that’s churning out some awesome fresh and tasty beer.  It sits next to a good pizza place in a strip mall, not hard to find but in a strip mall never the less.  What we didn’t find in Oakdale was many other restaurants…not sure why?  I digress. 

Not much from the outside, but great beer and atmosphere inside.

We stumbled on Grains of Virtue Microbrewery because we found a pizza place beside it in the same strip mall.  And we went in specifically to ask if the kids could come into the microbrewery with us and play the different fooseball and other games.  The bartender was more than happy to have us there and allowed the kids to play what they wanted.  I was also impressed with the pop-up taco stand that was cooking while we were there…mighty bueno tacos….wish I had saved more room after eating pizza.  We sampled an IPA and a Pale Ale while we were here and loved them…in fact we bought some cans of the IPA and brought them home.

Here’s a couple quick pics: 

Games, the kids loved em.
Umm, pop-up authentic taco stand….muy bueno.

So, if you are near Oakdale and want some great, fresh microbrewed beer, I suggest you check out Grains of Virtue. 

PS:  Why did we drive 8 hours to get up to Oakdale?  You’ll have to read our story posted tomorrow (Sun) to find out.

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