Check out a bolt on keel, before it goes on the boat.

Got Bolt on Keel?  Wanna see what it really looks like,,,,before it goes on your boat? 

Just a massive keel, bolted into the hull.

So, yep, here’s a big bolt on keel just after it’s been added to the million dollar sailboat above it,,,,,but what the heck does it look like before it goes on there,,,,,is it sturdy?

Bolt on Keel being prepped to be added to its forever hull.

Look really close at the picture and consider that with most bolt on keels, you can see the bolts coming through the bilges.  But, they also use a 3M glue to glue the keel along with the use of the bolts.  I’ve heard several stories of entire keel bolts breaking off, but the keel not falling off because of the bond with the hull.  This is where the bolt on keel gets it’s strength, the bond with the hull via mechanical and elastic methods.  I’m a bit more of a traditionalist, but Tulum IV could turn on a dime with it’s bolt on wing keel and she sailed FAST.  Food for thought-

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