Great Dane invents new sitting position in her cockpit, on her sailboat-

If you’ve ever owned or been around a Great Dane for any length of time, you know they’ll go to great lengths to be comfortable and find the very best position to sit and sleep in…whether there’s a human there or not.  Great Danes are also notorious for running from their own smells, so if we see Quincy just get up and move for no reason…..some roughness might follow soon.  In this rare photo expose, we wanted to show you a Great Dane actually inventing a new way to sit on a sailboat for the first time….from two completely different angles.

Crouching Dane, Hidden Smell

Take a close look. Butt down, ears up, paws in front. Totally new way of sitting invented at Coronado Island Anchorage, Baja California.


Now from the other view, so you can see what’s going on from the outside.


And this one….the ever popular head on the lifelines when there’s panga’s to bark at.

Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen, another bit of a late post but we have WiFi for now so I thought you would all enjoy another Sunday Quincy’s Corner, late or not.  Quincy Dane is a 6-year old Great Dane who lives on our cruising sailboat currently cruising in Baja California for the summer hurricane season.  She does very well on the boat and loves to bark at Pangas, dolphins, anyone who drives a dinghy too close and occasional birds.  Here in the local islands where there’s marine parks she doesn’t get off the boat often, so she loves it when she can get off the boat and run the beach or get a long walk.

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