11-November is day of remembrance and thanks to those served in our Armed Forces. Just say "Thanks".

Sometimes, 10 and 11 November are jumbled together in a long weekend off where the spirit of the days are often forgotten.  Both days are momentous.  10-November is the birthday of the world’s finest fighting force, the USMC.  11-November is meant for us to pause and remember our Veterans…both fallen and alive.  Let’s remember those who have fallen and thank those who are still around who have served in ANY way within the US Armed Forces.

The following links are to stories I’ve written in previous years about this same somber day: 

2019- No story, Tulum had left the US to sail down Baja and had no internet. 

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2016: A Veterans Day Salute

So to those Veterans everywhere, who served in any of our US Armed Forces…Thank You for your service and sacrifice.  Fair Winds and Following Seas. 

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